Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enterprise Mobility Gets LG’s and VMWare Attention

It is evident that with the massive proliferation of smartphones and other portable smart devices that Enterprise Mobility in an inevitable extension to the enterprise IT systems.

Enterprises still approach Enterprise Mobility with some level of anxiety mainly relating to the fact that smartphone theft is on the rise and the general volatile nature of smartphone. Smartphones are considered somewhat vulnerable endpoints to host sensitive data and access to sensitive applications.

Yesterday at CES, LG unveiled its solution for Enterprise Mobility based on VMWare technology which turns every Android device to a dual device isolating the work-related environment from the personal one. This way the enterprise application and data are always kept at arm’s length from any personal connections made on the smartphone device and IT having full governance over the work-related partition.

Magic Software approach to Enterprise Mobility is of tightest security measures provided by the RIA architecture that serves as the backbone of its Mobile offering. Nevertheless, LG’s new solution gives Enterprise Mobility an extra padding to increase IT confidence in their initial steps towards this new challenging route.

LG Virtual Android OS running in parallel to the personal environment

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