Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Power (of Change) to the People

Change is rapid. These days it is becoming even more rapid than ever.

A few years ago, the end-users did not have much impact on the technological and architectural choice of the company. It was the choice of the company’s CIO, CFO or CEO to either keep their current technologies or to embrace new ones. Once a decision was made, it meant aligning with the company’s operations and process to the technology of choice. The chosen technology was likely to remain relevant for the company for years ahead.

Magic Software Metadata driven approach enabled ISV and companies to easily switch from one back-end technology (namely server OS) to the other with minimal if no effort at all. However this advantage became relevant only in very long intervals.

 Power to the People
Now, with the great symbiosis of smartphones and enterprise applications, the end-users are the ones that actually dictate the sort of technology the company needs to support. The choice for supporting smartphone OS is less in the hands of the traditional decision makers. The choice is now in the hands of the end-users. The people have the power of choice which is completely unaligned with the company’s technological roadmap. Companies need to align their architectures to the prevailing client technologies that are dictated by the end-users.

Magic Software Metadata driven approach shines once again and now becomes more relevant than ever before. Today not only is the technology rapidly changing but also the adoption of it. Whatever mobile vendor may be on the lead today, may not necessarily be the leader tomorrow, and may even become obsolete.

Magic Software announced today the added support of Blackberry for mobile deployments. Android and iOS support is right around the corner. Windows Mobile 7 may eventually soar (for now it still sores) and might therefore be supported as well, but then what? Who knows what will be relevant one year or two years from now?

No one really knows.

The best approach to reduce the potential risk in switching from one platform to the other, namely client platform, is to opt for a multi-device mobile application platform and to avoid locking oneself to specific platforms.

Whatever kids and early adopters are excited about today, may become a technology that companies must adopt.

 Early Adopters Through History by

The best response to the challenge of “No one really knows” is “We do not really care”. Whatever new platform will rise, proper support will be given to that platform without rewriting entire applications to fit the new platform.

See The BlackBerry release event added to the Magic Software Timeline.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama "Has Bin" Laden

The world media is surging with articles and information about the killing of Al Qaeda (former) leader – Osama Bin Laden. Now with the new title: Osama "Has Bin" Laden.

Naturally it is time, once again, to play around with the Bin Laden brand.
However no corporation will officially make use of it.

For example, if you have been following Magic Software new line of images of Facebook,
all titled “If Only I could”, you are definitely not going to see the following image as part of the official images series:

BTW, I wonder if it was an iPhone or Android that was given to "Has Bin" Laden that tracked its actual location. Well now Apple and Google can turn the tracking feature off – Mission Accomplished.

I also cannot avoid the phonetics of "Has Bin" Laden latest hide out – Abbottabad -
and think of what could have been Osama’s song for the upcoming Eurovision contest:

Abanibi Obo Ebev,
Abanibi Obo Ebev Abbottabad...

Click to listen to the Original Aba-Ni-Bi.

This is a sure winner.