Thursday, January 20, 2011

Microstrategy 9 – HTML Perfection

As you probably read in the latest press release, Magic Software has signed a global alliance agreement with Microstrategy and now bundles the Microstrategy leading BI platform with its application platform (uniPaaS) and integration platform (iBOLT), enabling Magic Software customers to add smart BI capabilities to their Magic Software based solutions.

I do not intend to write about how essential BI is to organization for obtaining a clearer view of the organization activities and for reaching more tuned business decisions. This is well described in the Magic Software’s web site and the Microstrategy related material.

I am just still amazed by the level of perfection Microstrategy designers and developers have reached in their utilization of the DHTML technology and its complementary technologies.
One of Microstrategy distinct advantages over its competitors is having the entire toolset of the product (administration, report design, reports and dashboard display, distribution, etc) available over the internet using a browser. Any Browser for that matter.

Microstrategy 9 Web Report Designer showing a context menu
Having their very sophisticated user interface based on HTML, makes it available and fully supported by any common browser, be it Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla FireFox. The result UI is consistent and truly ubiquitous (I just had to use this term once again…).

Microstrategy 9 Web Report Designer showing a dialog box
Not only that, the UX (user experience) is highly interactive and very much desktop-like. The UX includes true context menus, proper dialog boxes, drag & drop capabilities, and so on.
The smooth desktop–like UX of Microstrategy made the embedding of Microstrategy reports in uniPaaS live RIA Demo application a very elegant amalgamation of two products that truly complement each other.

Much kudos goes to the great group of designers and developers (and product managers, and QA people) who are responsible for this magnificent display of HTML-based design perfection.

From a technology\developer’s point of view, this is sheer poetry.

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