Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magic - A Feature Full Technology (The Magic Supercut)

Supercut is a term coined by Andy Baio which refers to a video montage depicting a certain idea, word or phrase.

As one who played around video editing and worked for Magic Software, what would be better than creating a supertcut video montage for “Magic”.

In all other videos we show features in Magic, this video shows Magic in Features :-).

For me this last video clip is my personal token of appreciation to a wonderful company and an amazing group of people with which I have the great privilege to work for so long.

The last scene in this clip sums it all up: "It's very rare to see real Magic!"

Soon I will publish a post listing the titles of each movie that appears in this supercut.
In the mean time you can try and name them yourselves. You can post your findings as a comment below or on YouTube.

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