Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Got Excited about iBOLT

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Three weeks ago I got very excited in experiencing the great ease of integrating an off-premise application such as and on-premise applications like Lotus Notes and Domino Server using iBOLT.

It seems that it was not just me who got excited about iBOLT, and the way it enables organizations to easily integrate cloud applications with their on-premise applications. Nefos GmbH, a leading premier consulting partner of located in Zurich, Switzerland, chose iBOLT for the very reason I got all excited about.

As a leading partner of, and like any other integrator of SaaS applications, Nefos GmbH face the challenge of integrating the SaaS application with the exiting on premises applications that the organization already uses and wishes to continue and use. iBOLT truly gives them a great advantage in enabling such integrations with a high level of productivity, with great ease of use and with the confidence of robust delivery.

When you have iBOLT with which you can easily tame complex cloud applications, even the sky is no longer the limit.

PS. The clip I prepared showing how easily you can synchronize your Lotus Notes address book with contacts is ready and will soon be available.

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