Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Re-excited about iBOLT while synchronizing Lotus Domino and Salesforce.com

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I am working now on recording a live demo showing how easily Salesforce.com CRM application can be synchronized with Lotus Notes.

For the demo I chose to show how I synchronize my Lotus Domino Address book with the contacts created and updated in Salesforce.com.

For every new contact in Salesforce.com, iBOLT adds a new contact in my Lotus Domino Address book and whenever a contact is updated or deleted on Salesforce.com, iBOLT updates that contact or removes it from Lotus Domino.

Every time I get the opportunity to demo something in iBOLT I am struck with amazement. As a Magician developing with eDeveloper and uniPaaS, I am very much accustomed to high productivity. And still iBOLT amazes me by doing complex processes so simple.

Keeping my Lotus address book fully synchronized by any modification done to the Salesforce.com contacts is achieved by this one short and simple flow:

Stay tuned to see the final video.

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  1. Offer - looking forward to see the video and the project flow.

    Great stfuff!


  2. can't wait for the movie...