Monday, October 4, 2010

“And So You Code” Scrapbook - Page 1

I am quite amazed to see how far “And So You Code” has reached.

Not only in terms of viewcount in a relative short period (250,000 views in one month) but also in the way it is embraced by so many programmers and developers around the world.

As long as the clip is up I decided to use my blog and to create a sort of scrapbook to keep record of the interesting ripples made by “And So You Code”.

The first page goes to another programmers’ viral clip of “Lady Java”.

I was amazed to see a couple of weeks ago a short comment placed on Lady Java simply stating “And so you code”.
Now this comment is ranked as the 2nd most favorite comment for this clip (total of 36 Thumbs up).

Moreover, it seems that at least 5,400 views of “Lady Java” are direct referrals from “And so you code”.

I’ll keep an eye on “Lady Java” and other related virals.


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