Thursday, March 11, 2010

Downloading and Installing uniPaaS Discovery

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A fresh new video clip is now up showing all newcomers how to download uniPaaS Discovery and how to install it.

If the clip did not clarify it completely, I wanted to emphasize the fact that the uniPaaS Discovery installation comes with complimentary Discovery licenses for development and deployment.

So if you want to start developing using uniPaaS Discovery just download and install it and you are ready to go.

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  1. Excellent video

    When you say "complementary Discovery licenses for development and deployment" what do you mean?

    Can I build simple hobby applications and distribute those freely to family, friends and others?

    The page referenced in the release notes for license purchases/information does not exist

    ( )

  2. Thank you :-)

    By "Complementary" I meant that I made a spelling mistake and it should have been "Complimentary" - That is the Discovery licenses are given free of charge.

    You can definitely build a simple hobby application and distribute it to family, friends and others. This is what the Discovery edition is all about.

    The Release Notes paragraph you referred to is indeed outdated. We will change that paragraph.

    Thank you very much for watching this video and for your constructive remarks.

  3. Ofer, thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't aware that Discovery in its current edition allowed free redistribution of runtimes.

    So I see Discovery is limited to 20 tables and 150 programs meaning small yet effective applications may be created and distributed.

    Finally freeware applications can be made with Magic.

    Let's get busy. :-)