Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google's Browser-Size demonstrates uniPaaS RIA Advantage

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Google Labs latest aired experiment is Google's Browser Size.

This is a very straightforward service that enables one to examine how a web page would be seen by its various visitors depending on their screen resolution.

This service is based on the accumulated information gathered by Google on the screen resolutions used by user all over the world.

With this service you can estimate the portion of users that need to scroll down to reach specific parts of your web pages, suggesting that important elements may be hidden in first glance to some of the users.

This service is relevant for browser based pages only and it cannot be used for non-browser Internet applications such as uniPaaS RIA.

But do not be discouraged because in browser-free RIA implementation such as of uniPaaS size does not matter much as it does in browser based applications.
uniPaaS placement feature enables one to easily design the pages to fit the various screen sizes of all users. With the placement feature, one makes sure that with any screen size, the most important screen elements will be placed correctly following the interface design guidelines.

With uniPaaS RIA you can make sure that your users will never miss an important checkbox or input field that in a browser based user interface might become hidden due to a small screen resolution.

This is another example for one of the many benefits one gets by having a Rich Internet Application deployed using a fully controlled dedicated client. In this respect, uniPaaS RIA, not only reduces the chances of user mistakes, it also reduces the interface design efforts.

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