Thursday, July 9, 2009

uniPaaS V1.8 RIA Demo - Project Source

I am happy to inform everyone that the project source files of the latest uniPaaS RIA demo version are now available for download.
You can find the project source files at Magic Software's knowledge base.
I recommend going over the document that accompanies the project source before you run it.

The RIA demo project source available at Magic Software's knowledge base

The project source includes all the new .NET integration sample programs that are demonstrated in the RIA demo new ".NET Integration" pulldown menu.
The project source also includes all the mobile demo programs.
Feel free to do anything you like with the project source. You can copy any part of it, combine it in your own RIA projects; you can freely distribute it, you can freely present it anywhere, you can share it with your friends, your spouse, your parents, your grandparents, your children, your children's children, your neighbors, and your mailman. You can share it with anyone.

The RIA Demo showing embedded .NET progress bars

Enjoy it.

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  1. When I go to KB there is NO source code.
    Where can I get it?