Tuesday, June 2, 2009

uniPaaS RIA Vs. Adobe Flex – Doing The Same with Less

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I know no Portuguese, but I love the way this language sounds and how many words have this cool long ending of "ão", like coração (Heart).
Browsing through competitors web sites and blogs in order to get better understanding of their offering I came upon a sample for flash based RIA and I was quite amazed with the amount of code and hassle one needs to go through to produce a very simple task in Flash compared to straight-forward manner of achieving the same functionality in uniPaaS RIA.

This introduction level example of Adobe perfectly illustrates the complexity imposed by the use of diverse technologies for implementing RIA, where the development is based on separated client and server side technologies. The Adobe flex example shows how even for the simplest task one needs to break the task requirement into 3 parts:

1. Client Side Logic
2. Server Side Logic
3. Client\Server Communication

Implementing the same example in uniPaaS RIA shows how the implementation is greatly simplified having a unitary technology and development paradigm.

Compared to the more than 50 lines of code required in Adobe Flex, uniPaaS RIA achieves the same with 6 lines of operations and 6 expression rules. And this is for the simplest task.

View the following online presentation to see all screens and code of both Adobe Flex and uniPaaS (It is recommended to view it in Full Screen mode).

You can also view the presentaion at Zoho

Why waste valuable time and effort where you can achieve the same result with much less work.

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