Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The unbelievable lightness of Mobile Development

With the privilege of experiencing future releases of uniPaaS, I got the early opportunity to start and extend the Live uniPaaS RIA Demo for mobile devices.

The uniPaaS RIA technology managed to amaze me twice. Once, seeing how I can produce world-wide available application while developing in the same way I am used to in developing Client\Server applications. Twice , when I saw that with the same ease of development I can now produce very complex mobile applications.

Actually, in producing my first Mobile application, I did not do much development. I simply restructured the UI of the regular RIA demo and with not much additional effort I transformed the RIA demo into a Mobile RIA demo.

The small screens of the mobile device suggest a different approach for the application UI design. In my case, turning the big Order Entry screen to fit the mobile device ended up by just breaking the screen into parts and placing each part in a tab control.
All the logic I defined before was kept as is and it is now executed fully when running the program from the mobile device.

This video clip illustrates the Order Entry screens and Today's Orders screen on the mobile device.

The image below shows the order entered by the mobile device as it appears on the regular, stationary live RIA demo.

I expected our Mobile support to be such that will provide easy and rapid development, but I really did not expect it to be that easy and rapid. What a treat…

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